Battle Vest (Front)

Sat, 19/08/2017 - 21:21

Currently happy with it so far eventhough I'm going to add some more

Buttons: Hendrix, The Adicts, Slytherin, Skull, Nigerian Flag, The Beatles

Not for sale or trade
Battle Vest (Front)



Great bands for the most part, although the Municipal Waste patch is upside down, also, where'd you get your Thy Light patch?


Thanks I had not noticed, it looked symmetrical to me. The Thy Light patch is from cultpatches666


cult patches is.. well he's cult. ha ha. I just ordered a bunch from him tonight.

if he doesn't have a thy light patch, I think there's a few other guys with them as well. might even get one at depressive illusions.


If not, try his store on ebay. It might still be there (same name)


his ebay store is definitely there. there is a guy called mextremista on ebay as well that has some patches that cult doesn't have right now.

I know I've seen that patch on some EU based distro's as well, if you cannot find it on ebay you can always buy it from one of those. I'm sure depressive illusions will have it.


I accidentally ordered a giant pest noire coat of arms patch, which I am probably not going to need (thought it was a small patch to line up with the takee coat of arms) so if the guy doesn't pay attention to my message trying to cancel it before it's sent out, will have that for trades if you want it?

it would go great on the back of an emp or something as I think it's just the right size to fit inside the seems on the back, with a couple of overlapping bits so you can layer it with other stuff.



I don't think there's a lot a space on the back for it sorry but it's best to wait for his response


the guy let me swap it out. he has a pretty good shop as well on ebay if you ever can't find anything.

Isaac Chroner

Love it!


Damn good job. Especially like the Emperor-patch.

Ravishing Grimness

Awesome.Nice set of patches you have there

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