Old Funeral - Devoured Carcass

Fri, 25/05/2018 - 17:19

From Cult Never Dies.
Probably one of the first real death metal bands I got into along with Deicide. The story was that I was really into Burzum at the time and had just found out about this other band of his called Old Funeral. Mind you, this was before I could download any albums and my local record store wasn't much help either.

But one day I found a copy of Grim Reaping Norway on a Swedish auction site and I bought it instantly. Not really knowing what to expect I put it into my cd player and was hit by a barrage of merciless riffing and guttural screaming. Yeah, they might not be that impressive in the grand scheme of things. But in my pubescent mind it was the most brutal thing I've ever heard. And I still think their demos are quite enjoyable for what they are, and what a rush of nostalgia to see this one for sale, like my 13 year old self, I just had to have it.


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  • how much do you want ? :)
  • Nice colour scheme although the blue/yellow Anvil looks kinda odd. How about Ghost - Opus Eponymous bootleg ?
  • Thx!!
  • Cheers!
  • Thanks! I'm not so big fan of Dissection...
  • Sure, great old times rule! Haha!
  • Thanks Mr. MasterDeath! The past is help!
  • Thanks MT7!
  • Great cassettes!
  • I didn't know that existed an original Amazing
  • Super hyper rare good old days from adipocere distribution list
  • I never got into this band but there's a song by one of their members, Meg Lee Chin, called Nutopia that always cra
  • Love that LS.. One of their best imo
  • Great music!
  • You all right!
  • The rest of TSS has just been cancelled.


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