Musta Surma orig. longsleeve

jarkkodzillaWed, 28/02/2018 - 15:24

Mid nineties, extremely rare, about 40 printed
Screen Stars tag

Trade Only
Musta Surma orig. longsleeve
Musta Surma orig. longsleeve

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  • :D Because we Save the Space :D
  • Neat.
  • yep, got to agree !!!
  • Two words is quite small as German compound words go
  • Im still thinking about switching Eyes of Horror and Piece of time to have a possessed triangle but it's much work.
  • Sick!
  • I feel haha. So many sick ass patches though. And that Ugandan Knuckles pin lmfao
  • Woah never seen this before. Added to favorites
  • I don’t understand why Germans always combine two words. Turbo lover is two separate words...
  • I think it would look better if you cut around the Gorguts back patch because there’s too much black space.
  • Sorry for the late response it does..
  • Yea i figured it was a bootleg I just never have seen it I have search for it and never could find anything about it.
  • Great one
  • That hole is nothing at the mo but you should sew it up because you know what they say: a stitch, in time, saves doing a
  • I feel the same way..
  • I know where you're coming from, but if they're important to your path through heavy music, fuck it, express i

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