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Metallica Minnesota event shirt #2 August 2016

Thu, 15/09/2016 - 18:35

Minneapolis event shirt, version 2 - 8/20/16

Not for sale or trade

Year: 2016
Original TShirt Fabric Color: 
Not yet set / Ask
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Metallica Minnesota event shirt #2 August 2016
Metallica Minnesota event shirt #2 August 2016

kereealazer's picture

Very cool one. See people aroudn the city in all these designs. Wish I could have gone.

NoahM's picture

Thanks! I wish I could have gone too. Minnesota is too far away. Holding out for the album tour hopefully soon!!

kereealazer's picture

My co worker went who isn't into Metal went i guess was asking if I went but she went for free. Would've been sick I'm sure but I am going to 5 other shows for less then 1 ticket to that one. Not to far. I was gonna get over to New York to see Opeth so you can do the reverse.

NoahM's picture

Nah - too far. Only time I've ever flown somewhere to see a show was Maiden. If it's driving distance, fine. I've driven up to Montreal to see shows. Minnesota is like a 2-day drive. Not happening. Especially since Metallica will surely be playing here in NY once the new album is out. Cool that your colleague went to the show for free!!

no karate in pit's picture

damn this shirt is sick next year they swing by minneapolis ill be there if not well some force of nature has ductaped me to a chair

NoahM's picture

Thanks!! I have my tickets for both NY shows!

no karate in pit's picture

so what song you hopin to hear

NoahM's picture

Two totally different sets so hoping for a wide variety with lots of old stuff!

no karate in pit's picture

that makes two of us

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