Iron Maiden Hallowed be thy Name

Thu, 19/04/2018 - 09:44

Hallowed be the Name was released as a single from the second live album of 1993, A Real Dead One.
Bruce Dickinson had announced his departure from Maiden, hence Eddie is depicted killing him off.
Not a bad likeness to Bruce.
Also available as a sweatshirt.
Merch sheet from A Real Dead One.

Not for sale or trade
Iron Maiden Hallowed be thy Name
Iron Maiden Hallowed be thy Name
Iron Maiden Hallowed be thy Name


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  • Tapes, CD's , vinyls etc...in this particular albums case, i have seen this on vinyl first press go for a little o
  • Sigh...
  • I'm having hard time believing people actually buy that stuff for so much money.
  • Well, I don't see anything wrong with addressing the "tvekvlt factor" regarding a release for a few reaso
  • excellent.
  • The country is called Discogs, where prices for early pressings went through the roof since about late 2016.
  • Right.
  • Totally. I will look for my Darkthrone cd. see if it has this wording. Can't remember now.
  • @OP: And I didn't say that you had "such intent", I was referring to the fact that many record sellers in
  • haha. sounds like a party.
  • Live In Sarpsborg Norway. 28/2, 1990
  • I think I know two guys here who need to get drunk together...somehow everything becomes very clear
  • ..
  • I meant no such intent. I don't plan on selling or showing off.
  • you are correct.
  • thanx and cheers!


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