(DIY) Possessed

Sat, 07/01/2012 - 09:37


shirt :Gildan
color :heather-carginal
print :silk-screen-print

artwork from demo-tape and bootleg picture-disc

Not for sale or trade


Doctor Butcher

how did you make this? Its Amazing Bro!


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Recent Comments

  • will have to check it out. recomend something for first listen?
  • \m/
  • Cute
  • It would be wayyyyy better if they kept the "Symbolic" title off of the front print, it looks terrible and laz
  • Almost forgot about this band, I listened to them about a year ago but never really revisited, but from what I remember
  • Ahk, Thanks!
  • Awww, So awesome! You should keep him.
  • Killer tribute.
  • Considering the red/green print. I wonder if this would this work with some of those old 3D glasses.
  • He's very unique and has some really amazing albums.
  • Most welcome. Ah sweet, Thanks.
  • One of the few shirts with a picture of the band as main motif I'd actually wouldn't mind having.
  • Why would they ruin the beautiful Symbolic artwork with such horrendous design, the front looks like a sketchy bootleg.
  • On a purely musical level, yeah I absolutely think it's worth the asking price.
  • Very Nicce Conditions!
  • Fantastic Never Seeen!!!!!

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