Dark Tranquillity 'The mind's I" shirt

shellfire defense
Mon, 16/04/2012 - 16:57

Size XL
in good condition
for a wantlist just take a look at my profile

Not for sale or trade
Dark Tranquillity 'The mind's I" shirt
Dark Tranquillity 'The mind's I" shirt


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Recent Comments

  • Thank you brother.
  • Agree!
  • ***SOLD********
  • Yeah man! You are completely right
  • Hi! is Navy, but my shitty camera doesn't help me , I will retake on weekend.
  • Thanks for the flames!
  • Very cool one. Well of Despair.
  • Very cool one
  • That's a good question, maybe I'll have to weigh it one day..I do know that when I have it zipped up it defini
  • \m/ Agreed, that Beherit deserves a leather jacket!
  • Great design, I've got one myself. But man do I wish they printed this with something other than plastisol.
  • Amazing band and awesome shirt. I just posted my DA shirt...now there's official 2 DA shirts in the archive
  • damn incredible collectors item!!
  • yeah it's a beauty, theirs a ticket package with the shirt, patch and poster included, they get mailed out a week o
  • yeah 30 minutes wasn't enough, really enjoyed their show with all the flames and stage props.
  • yeah they were quiet good live, hopefully they come back and you get to see them.

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