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Sun, 12/11/2017 - 09:13

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this should be a bit harder than the last. so good luck!

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Michele Sassano's picture

Cabinet from Spawn of Possession

ajnin's picture

Clue 1 - Not an american band

ajnin's picture

sorry no

ajnin's picture

Clue 2 - Bands name is 1 word

ajnin's picture

Clue 3 - they have released a self titled album

ajnin's picture

very close.. but thats not it

ajnin's picture

Clue 4 - Bands name starts with M

ajnin's picture

Thats the one

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Recent Comments

  • Best I've ever saw
  • No, it has found its way on my jacket long ago.
  • Looks like a renaissance painting. Really cool.
  • impressive!!!
  • Love it too. Had to have it when I found out about them.
  • great sweater..to bad its way to small for me :(
  • Yep! 11 years and counting now. Thanks for the comment! Cheers!
  • Thanks!!!
  • Thank you!
  • Check DM please
  • I love how you used those rising sun patches to accompany the Sabbat patch.
  • Gorgeous pin I'm interested if you ever want to give it up
  • Awesome!
  • This are gorgeous and unique! If you ever want to sell or trade I'm definitely interested
  • I have a similar hat, it's an army green. I'll upload a picture later but yours is cool!
  • Great vest man! You need to cut off the collar
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