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Sun, 03/09/2017 - 14:40

the last few have been to easy... or you guys are just too good.

this one might stump for you a few days :)

remember to add the link to win :)

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Unjustifiablexistence's picture

Paradise Lost

Fatal Agent's picture

Post the link of the shirt here if you know it!

ajnin's picture

nice guess... but no

Unjustifiablexistence's picture

Oh damn sorry I didn't know I had to send a link! I am new here I know better next time haha, but I was wrong with my guess anyways! Good luck people

ajnin's picture

sweet as mate. Just added a clue that might help :)

ajnin's picture

Clue 1 - Bands name is made up of 2 words

ajnin's picture

Clue 1 - Not an American Band

ajnin's picture

Clue 2 - Band formed after the year 2000

ajnin's picture

Clue 3 - Band has 3 full length Albums

ajnin's picture

Got it

Michi666's picture

Lividity ?

Dark Buddha's picture

Drifter - Yes, Beligerent Intent tee looks correct

ajnin's picture

Drifer got it. new one tomorrow or tonight

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