Some patches

Sat, 30/04/2016 - 04:41

Only trade
I'm looking for heavy metal stuff, check my wanted list, offers in PM
Most wanted:
H Bomb vintage
Inepsy offical woven.patch

Sale or Trade
Some patches
Some patches
Some patches



I want suck your dock

Seb Jester

It's late, but sortilege metamorphose still available?


Hi, sorry dude, gone.

Guess this TShirt!

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Recent Comments

  • I always liked the Helloween sense of humor, great shirt up the pumpkins
  • Never seen this one Alberto, really it's amazing brother
  • Fuck!!!! I saw one of these on eBay years ago and missed out on it. Really hope to get one some day soon!!!
  • Really like this one!!!!!
  • The best hoodie!
  • Seeing stuff like this makes me feel like I'll never complete my collection. Great shirt!!!!
  • Got one of these recently, really like the look of it!!
  • Nowadays you have to spend some bucks more:-)
  • Classic pumpkin shirt:-)
  • Word! My favorite non-metal band. Got this patch too, plus some old original tour shirts
  • Great mix of bands and taste. Nice to see Dire Straits on here!
  • Badass
  • One of UFO’s post-Schenker release that got me at the first listen! All time favourite band.
  • i assume you made it!
  • Great shit in there! Love the Captain Beyond one
  • 5 Flames for a very nice collection! I have the first press back in the States. Can you please help me?


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