Obscura Cosmogenesis patch

Sun, 10/12/2017 - 03:17

I had announced it in the Metal Kutten group on facebook a few weeks ago and despite the rather meager response, I did not let that stop me: I had a Obscura Cosmogenesis patch made. Primary, because I need it for my battle vest. Secondary ... well, the former is actually the only reason. I just hope to get the expenses even remotely back in. Here's a sample, if some of you do not know the band yet.


The following patches are still on my preliminary list:
Beyond Creation - Earthborn Evolution,
At the Gates - With Fear I kiss the Burning Darkness,
Boreworm - Entomophobia,
Morbid Angel - Domination (round),
Dark Tranquility - The Gallery.
If there is something for you, you may rejoice, because these bootlegs I will probably throw in the coming months / years gradually on the market. Whether with the permission of the band or without.
If you are interested in the Obscura patch just write me a PM. The payment goes via PayPal to "paul_lipski@outlook.de". A bank transfer payment is also possible, so it only takes longer for you to receive the patch, because I do not check my account balance too often or get account statements. There are 40 copies with blue border and 40 with black border available, the difference is really minimal. The price is 5 € plus 80ct shipping. If you take several copies, I wonder if the shipping then maybe goes to my cap.
Cheers. :)

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Obscura Cosmogenesis patch


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  • Hahaha Shit happens :( But fortunately for you, you live in canada so they must play a there often :)
  • I'd like one of these too but I always have trouble with Musical Hall.
  • Hahaha totally worth it :)
  • If you would care to sell or trade this please DM me
  • thank you !
  • thank you .!
  • Wow! This looks great! Always cool to see patches from extreme record labels.
  • awesome Born Dead BC patch
  • Thanks so much my friend !
  • what a great sadus collection!!
  • Sick sicksix
  • Used to have the longsleeve 20 years ago which the back print is completely different, ibwas looking years to find this
  • well sounds pretty good. I couldn't tell the lyrics though. I can almost never tell when there are growling vocals.
  • Unholy fuck what a shirt! 5 mandatory flames
  • Nice vest!
  • I can do 8incl for the amon amarth
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