Nocturnus The Key Patch (2nd Version)

Wed, 19/04/2017 - 15:25

Finally have a Nocturnus Patch.

Not for sale or trade


Morbideath's picture

ahhhhh, what if people can make it a normal blue one. the details are already good enough

God_of_emptiness93's picture

Yes it was still made by unholy patches :D great patch indeed.

Nater90's picture

Should be blue....

Still great patch and album though.

God_of_emptiness93's picture

Unholy patches made a second batch ;)

meaningless's picture

nice one....i prefer the blue one, because of the blue-original-cover..but nice anyway


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  • Haha! Wtf?
  • Thanks mate!
  • Thanks mate! Well the hunt goes on....
  • Nej det har varit mycket annat, ska försöka vara lite mer aktiv : )= Tack för elden!
  • Thanks mate! I saw them twice last year, but before that it was at least 4 years ago...
  • Cheers my friend!
  • Thanks man! Me too!
  • One of their best designs in my opinion
  • Oh hey -- thanks man! From what I can see maybe worn down too much to clearly identify?
  • How much are you after for this ?
  • Welche größe den lg
  • sick pin
  • FUcking sick!!!!!
  • interesting colours !!
  • WOW... some sick patches right here!!!
  • From where mate its awsome I thought patchmaster has only patches and some skirts and pins....


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