Nocturnus The Key Patch (2nd Version)

Wed, 19/04/2017 - 15:25

Finally have a Nocturnus Patch.

Not for sale or trade


Morbideath's picture

ahhhhh, what if people can make it a normal blue one. the details are already good enough

God_of_emptiness93's picture

Yes it was still made by unholy patches :D great patch indeed.

Nater90's picture

Should be blue....

Still great patch and album though.

God_of_emptiness93's picture

Unholy patches made a second batch ;)

meaningless's picture

nice one....i prefer the blue one, because of the blue-original-cover..but nice anyway


Recent Comments

  • Right on! And I second this - check them out! \m/
  • Awesome split, nice shirt too
  • great shirt! I'm hunting one of these shirt many years! full flames.
  • I have the same bp, I didn't knew it was official.How do you know it is official?
  • nice
  • where did you buy this gem ?:D
  • where did you buy it ? is it for sale ?
  • Yea'i bet.Moloch always has shirts fully designed.There are more bands from the side of Ukraine who have done that
  • Wahoo, impressive.
  • Mostdefinitely.I have a Japanese reissue of the record including the demo.
  • Beauty!!
  • Same here
  • Great melancholic album
  • A kult black metal ├ílbum
  • I know!
  • Yeah, apparently I'm wearing this one too lmao.
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