Living Death Shambles and Screams Patch

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  • Nice one
  • Piece of history here, cool tourshirt.
  • Great album. But I like their demos too.
  • Hell yeah! Good old one. The new masks and pretty much music sucks.
  • Not into this band, but great front cover artwork !
  • Tellement focus sur la cover que j'ai pas lu mdrr, je connaissais pas cette pochette!!!
  • Merci ! C'est Abigail - Forever Street Metal Bitch, tuerie
  • yeah! cheers!!!
  • Such a beauty!!
  • Jolie beherit et bathory! C'est quoi le cd dans la veste??
  • Hail! So fukking sikk mate!
  • Indeed! I have a feeling he doesn't enjoy it. I could be wrong though. I don't know him personally.
  • Bought it a few years ago online at, but seems to be unavailable since then.
  • He's too popular for his own good haha!
  • Cool, it's gonna look awesome as it wears in!
  • I just painted it, didn’t do the inside because it would be to stiff and I hadn’t enough paint anyways haha


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