Korpiklaani - happy little boozers patch

Thu, 20/04/2017 - 12:19

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Korpiklaani - happy little boozers patch


our birthday TSS 10th Birthday is coming in


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  • merciless and cc gone
  • You sold them?
  • Thank you brother!!!
  • right - can't do w/out it. "the morning after" till "midnight" every day all day.
  • Klar. ;) Das klingt nach wirklich viel Arbeit, die es aber ganz offensichtlich wert war.
  • thanks so much man, I appreciate it !
  • Me too! And i was really skeptical about that. I actually think it is the perfect composition, just like that.
  • most of them are gone, but still nice to show and see them
  • Great collection man!
  • auf deutsch lieber? danke dir vielmals, kompliment geht runter wie motor-öl ! t-shirt war tick zu groß.
  • Totally cult stuff!
  • I think he is doing it today still, haha! Great chap...
  • Great vest man! Really like the Judas Priest Shield.
  • I remember going to heaps of gigs in the eighties and Dave from Sadistik would be out the front trying to raise enough m
  • Sick, hat World you like to Trade IT in for
  • Wäre an dem Grave Patch interessiert, gibt's den noch?


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