Gwar patch

Mon, 12/02/2018 - 23:59
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  • Thanks man, never ever seen this before
  • Definitely this band's best moment.
  • Top!!!
  • Such a great design! Amazing! Congratulations to this 10 Flames Longsleeve!!!!
  • Wow that's amazing, Never seen this!!! Awesome band.
  • thx dude!
  • Damn that's nice!
  • Full flames!
  • Wicked update man!!
  • oh yes :)
  • Hello There, Will you sell it to an old fan of Sepultura? Let me know. HD
  • Yes I am. How much are you asking for it? Thanks. HD
  • Perfect!!! Looks good cobber.
  • Mournful Congregation!!!
  • Damn this is fucking brutal!!!! Has Denouement Pyre been to Canada yet? Always a great band to see!!
  • Epic album, Damn that silver looks good!!


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