GEHENNA 'First Spell' shield patch

Wed, 19/04/2017 - 10:49

Limited patch to 150 pcs. only.
# 90/150

Sold out!!!

Not for sale or trade


Stormbringer81's picture

Geiles Teil. Wo gibt's denn den?

Noir.666's picture


Stormbringer81's picture

Negativ. Die haben den nicht....hatten noch nie was von Gehenna sagt Lisa

Noir.666's picture

Into the Abyss...steht hinten drauf :-)

Stormbringer81's picture

Will den unbedingt haben

Into Glory Ride's picture

Ist richtig, Into the Abyss wie der Absu, der Enslaved , Inquisition etc.

Schoenes Ding!

Noir.666's picture

Jau...und war auch ziemlich schnell ausverkauft

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Recent Comments

  • This is epic!!
  • Right on! And I second this - check them out! \m/
  • Awesome split, nice shirt too
  • great shirt! I'm hunting one of these shirt many years! full flames.
  • I have the same bp, I didn't knew it was official.How do you know it is official?
  • nice
  • where did you buy this gem ?:D
  • where did you buy it ? is it for sale ?
  • Yea'i bet.Moloch always has shirts fully designed.There are more bands from the side of Ukraine who have done that
  • Wahoo, impressive.
  • Mostdefinitely.I have a Japanese reissue of the record including the demo.
  • Beauty!!
  • Same here
  • Great melancholic album
  • A kult black metal ├ílbum
  • I know!
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