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Dark Star logo patch

Tue, 22/06/2021 - 16:50

Vintage printed Dark Star patch with a striking logo design. Really simple but effective design that makes great use of the logo. A band responsible for one of the iconic NWOBHM anthems, Lady of Mars, and one of the great underrated debut albums. This originally came with certain copies of their debut and has been kept in like new condition, which is a nice bonus!

Not for sale or trade

Year: 1981
Dark Star logo patch

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New York city can show little pity for a girl can live or die
With backstreet crawlers and midnight callers who don't stop for reasonin' why
Where despite his disease the killer believes his actions are justified
Out in the backwater, the slaughter already cries

Can you hear the innocent scream
What do we do?
Kaptain Amerika Kaptain Amerika
Kaptain Amerika, Where are you?

From out of the safety and into the night walks the vicitm of circumstance
When fortune is fading and fear lies waiting caught up in the devil dance
If God helps the loser then how could he choose her and leave her without a chance
When evil is striking and death is an instance

With so little reason it's hard t obelieve in a lifetime of so few words
And who talks about light in the dark of the night when nothing and nobody's heard
Kaptain Amerika why when she needed ya did you abandon the girl?
And vengence cries out with a voice that is never heard

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What a gem dude!

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Thank you mate, it’s a great one for sure!

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  • Yeah i love it its probably my favourite back patch that thay made i dig the full sized deadringer
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  • In Holland, My Favorite Scar
  • While you did not ask me, I can tell you that I got mine on a concert many years ago. I think somewhere around Dortmund.
  • Where did you find this shirt? Saw you're based in Poland and the band never got to play there.
  • Vielen Dank!
  • Thanx!
  • Never seen that quartz. I like!
  • Nicht wahr? Tauend Dank noch mal. All hail to you, Sir
  • Ah ok, dachte es gäb nen "offiziellen" Misprint.