Artillery - terror squad patch

Wed, 17/05/2017 - 15:24

Bought from ebay, new stuff, don't know the year.

Not for sale or trade
Artillery - terror squad patch


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  • Sure is! Thanks
  • Very nice patch! Got myself a patch too, after a long search.
  • Woweee nice collection of Halloween patches, I especially like those metal screw-in ones. Just great!
  • Agreed! Thank you very much!
  • thank you! took me forever to find it, working on a few more patches then it's all studs.
  • Thanks!!
  • Cheers! I got it from a show they played in the Netherlands
  • ?
  • they fucking smash it live!
  • Beautiful
  • Cool Vlad Tepes shirt!
  • Got the Nunslaughter from Hells Headbangers
  • It's a printed patch
  • Yeah you're right, love the production on this one!
  • 5 flames for that Testament pin!
  • 100% agreed better work than most of their >2003 outputs in my opinion and production is huuuuge


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