Arkona - Slava Rodu 2017 Bootleg Patch

Sat, 21/10/2017 - 03:19

Amazing embroidered Arkona Slava Rodu bootleg patch I snagged from eBay. Very detailed and large size.

100mm x 130mm

Not for sale or trade
Arkona - Slava Rodu 2017 Bootleg Patch


DukeThylacine's picture

WOW! The red sticks out way better here!
Need this so badly.

Chaos_Territory's picture

I too was suprised by its incredible quality, slava rodu!

Skygge's picture

Any link on where to buy this on eBay?

Korpi's picture

Mextremista (stores.ebay.com/mextremista) was selling them. He's sold out right now, but he sold out a month ago and restocked them, so just keep your eye's peeled because he may get more again.

DukeThylacine's picture

Aahh man...he's sold out again. I need to get this patch. It's like one on the top of my wanted list.

Altair's picture

I have this thing too. Really cool, we need more Arkona-patches! :D


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  • Use the obvious Ask about a trade or sale link at the top
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