Arkona - Slava Rodu 2017 Bootleg Patch

Sat, 21/10/2017 - 03:19

Amazing embroidered Arkona Slava Rodu bootleg patch I snagged from eBay. Very detailed and large size.

100mm x 130mm

Not for sale or trade
Arkona - Slava Rodu 2017 Bootleg Patch



WOW! The red sticks out way better here! Hope they bring this to their Khram tour!


I too was suprised by its incredible quality, slava rodu!


Any link on where to buy this on eBay?


Mextremista (stores.ebay.com/mextremista) was selling them. He's sold out right now, but he sold out a month ago and restocked them, so just keep your eye's peeled because he may get more again.


I have this thing too. Really cool, we need more Arkona-patches! :D


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Recent Comments

  • great! best old school black metal records.
  • melkein kyllä joutu sielunkin myymään! mutta eihän tätä ihan joka päivä vastaan tule varsinkaan ekaa painosta.
  • kiitoksia!
  • Nättiä.
  • full flames! great shirt. never seen before!
  • Cool bp. Wheres it from?
  • Hell yeah...nice!!!
  • I actually owned this tshirt for a while. I attended show in London. A killer show! Huge for thrash!
  • Leather on leather...very cool! I have have a leather vest over my leather jacket!
  • Congrats! Enjoy ur leather dude!!
  • Nice, I haven't seen a woven version of this patch before.
  • Thanks brother
  • Oooooooo I need this one /,,/
  • This one is great, I have it too :0
  • Killer one mate!!!!!,
  • This is a boot but what a good one /,,/


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