Rob Halford Judas Priest signed Drawing

Sat, 22/09/2018 - 20:40

My Pencil Drawing signed by the Metalgod himshelf :)

Took me over 20 Hours of work.

Picture was signed at the gig in Pilsen CZ.

If you ever read this Halford :D thank you again !!

Not for sale or trade
Rob Halford Judas Priest signed Drawing

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  • ?neercs ym tsuj ti si ro eruticp a detrevni ouy diD
  • 6 6 6
  • very nice!
  • damn..what a nice shirt, good band too
  • I ripped it from the stage when they were playing merciless. The guy in front of me was pretty pissed about it lmao
  • Yeah, it was an amazing set to see live
  • Got the same one, really a awesome shirt.
  • And I can't have a Black Metal vest without a bit of Bathory merch. Thanks Nater!
  • Thanks for the flames Nater! Good album indeed!
  • Thanks for the flames Doc!
  • This is probably the coolest Christmas-themed shirt I've ever seen, great looking artwork
  • Some call it weird, some call it extraordinary. :)
  • Stunning!
  • Great longsleeve! Awesome.
  • Killer event shirt !!!
  • Thank you!
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