Nifelheim shirts and LPs

Sun, 17/12/2017 - 22:49

Nifelheim shirts and LPs. The wall of Worship. And 2018 looks pretty active for them....and for Iron Maiden....what a coincidence :)

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bad_american1992's picture

Holy satanic dicknut dude you have one mighty collection. The London 2017 and the Black Evil design are sick as fuck!

Nater90's picture

Hahahahaha "Holy satanic dicknut" That's a new one!!!

bad_american1992's picture

Haha! This collection is too amazing for a conventional exclaimation

Nater90's picture

Haha, True that man.

Zixul's picture

Thanks, Nater !

Zixul's picture

hahaha, thanks a lot man, this one made my day :D cheers


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  • Freaking love it man!!
  • Awesome album indeed! And thanks bro, I appreciate it :)
  • I'm interested in onslaught and Misfits so if you're ok for a trade you can watch my profile.
  • Got this shirt tossed at me from somewhere in the stands at a Maiden show in `99 :). Geuss someone went bananas up there
  • Coll shots, rock on :) !
  • damn indeed..it looks awesome!
  • My boyfriend opened 2 days a go, was refunded! Hes an scammer then!
  • Thanks man! I agree!
  • Yeap agree, my only cassette that came like this. Thanx for the flames!
  • Looking awesome! Though some of your profile pics look even better. ;)
  • My favorite album
  • GREAT ! ! ! ! FULL FLAMES ! ! ! ! !
  • Wow. Thats a lot of dew scented shirts... probably not your favorite band, right?
  • Fuckin A! Sepultura died after jairo tormentor left!
  • Very nice!
  • Yeah sure, that's why I said "asap" not "instantly". ;)

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