Iron Maiden buttons

Sun, 22/01/2012 - 17:48

Bought these from A & T Designs on Amazon. They had lots of buttons at a decent price. Obviously bootlegs, but what the hell. They will find spots on my Einz Bund Kutte for Iron Maiden.

Not for sale or trade
Other Collectable - Iron Maiden buttons



that's a nice collection! you should find more and totally cover your jacket with those!


they look pretty good!




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Recent Comments

  • sick fuckin' shirt...been lookin' for this on for a long time...please lemmie know if u ever wanna part w/ it.
  • that is a KILLER fuckin' SLAYER shirt dude!!!
  • Some great pictures we scorpions here in Arizona but not usually that big in the city maybe in the middle of desert..
  • That WrathPrayer would look better on the back of your leather jacket.
  • Recently got one of these, fucking killer! :)
  • Exciter is gone !!
  • Great collection. Love the old Lizzy patch. Silver logo on black.
  • i got a dark funeral in large de profundis clamavi ad te domine
  • Haha, den Begriff kannte ich nicht. Klinken putzen wohl.
  • nice ,dude
  • Nice dude,gammar is my favourite, look forward to battlejacket!
  • Beide leben noch, auch wenn es bei Letzerem ungewollt is.
  • Heiliger.... nee, das ist ja ne Arbeit für Menschen die Mutter und Vater erschlagen haben. Werd ich machen.
  • Nur einen Teil, siehe Profil. XD Ganz harte Sachen, wo es sich per Hand net lohnt bzw.
  • Where did you get that Thou patch??
  • Hahaha, da kenn ich selbst genug Leute, aber ich komme ggf drauf zurück. Du stickst die komplett selbst ?!

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