Avenger Concert-Ticket in Metzingen (Germany) 01.06.1985

Sat, 24/02/2018 - 21:19

Avenger together with Destruction and Iron Angel, Ticket No. 332, Live in Metzingen (Germany) 1985, signed by the bands

Not for sale or trade
Avenger Concert-Ticket in Metzingen (Germany) 01.06.1985
Avenger Concert-Ticket in Metzingen (Germany) 01.06.1985
Avenger Concert-Ticket in Metzingen (Germany) 01.06.1985
Avenger Concert-Ticket in Metzingen (Germany) 01.06.1985
Avenger Concert-Ticket in Metzingen (Germany) 01.06.1985


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WOOOOW!!! This is amazing man! What of night of Pure Metal! You're so lucky to have lived through this time in Germany. So many great bands that I love are from there, especially Nordrhein-Westfalen. That was the epicenter of the Metal scene in Germany.

This is just too cool! One of a kind for sure! Thanks for sharing!

Post more if you have any!

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Thanks. You're right. Nordrhein-Westfalen was one of the metal centers in Germany. But also in the north (Hamburg) and in the south (Baden-Württemberg) the mail went off. Everything independent of each other. Of course the bands then also appeared later in the whole country. At the beginning, of course, only in the immediate vicinity. Was a nice time. There were only a few hundred people left at the concerts.
I also post more .. just have some stress.

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Would a great place and time to be alive!

Yes, Hamburg had Not Fragile, Mania, and of course, Running Wild and Helloween.

Baden Württemberg had Tyran’ Pace, Stormwitch, Sinner, High Tension, Tyrant, and Destruction.

And Bavaria had Cacumen / Bonfire, Gravestone, Railway, Talon, Stranger, Restless, Vectom, Chroming Rose, etc.

So many more great bands like Attack, Abraxas, and Heavens Gate!

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