Thu, 15/05/2014 - 00:17

Brutus - Slachtbeest hoodie
Logo on front, artwork on back

Not for sale or trade


DevilzForce's picture

i sold all my brutus merch after they ripped 350 people off with the pre-order for the ''new'' album... i refuse to listen to them these days. :P

insania's picture

Hehe I'm one of the 350... :D Never get my money back. But I'm not pissed about them, I just hope this second album will be released one day, in one form or another. The cover is excellent, the few songs revealed are excellent, it would be a shame to never get them in a proper release.

DevilzForce's picture

i am.... i know schoft personally, he bought a brandnew guitar a month after the pre-orders fell through...

insania's picture

Oh really ? I'm trying to contact him since years... The brutus email address is no longer working. Do you have an idea on how I can contact him ??

DevilzForce's picture

facebook.. send me a pm..

crypabort's picture

are you maybe interested in selling this to me?

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