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Where to find very narrow vertical patches

Sun, 20/03/2022 - 15:26

Hey! I have some empty space left on my vest. The annoying thing is that it is only 3 to 5 centimetres wide. Adding patches in normal format will do some heavy overlapping that I'd like to avoid. Do you know some nice WOVEN patches that could be used? Something like Tool's wrench patch works nicely, I just need more stuff in this format. Thanks in advance! :)

MortalFate's picture

You might have to be patient to find patches that'll fill that area in. Such patches are all over the place. Emperor, Anthems patch might fit. They are small. At least the one I have is; 6 cm wide. If you want to buy mine, message me. I'll sell for regular price.

Bladerunner's picture

Not much into Emperor, but thanks a lot anyway! :)

hopeiw's picture

what about making one? trim up an existing patch?

Bladerunner's picture

Yes, shaping will be the way to go, I guess. :)

The_Cyborg_Slayer's picture

Don't know where you could find one, but take a look.


Just my two cents

gorestar's picture

The Skinless "Progression Towards Evil" patch Pull The Plug Patches made is the same size as that and is available on their website https://www.pulltheplugpatches.com/products/skinless-progression-towards...

bad_american1992's picture

Whitesnake - White border
Rainbow - Castle
Judas Preist - Screaming for Vengance
At The Gates - Logo
Bloodbath - Skulls (very rare)
Lamb Of God - New American Gospel (very rare)
Melechesh - Epigenesis

Those are all the official ones I can think of!

PRISM's picture

Great list! Within the ~5cm width constraints there really aren't more I can think of.

There is a printed Sepultura - Roots patch I have seen that looks to fit but is likely not official.
It gets a bit easier when you come to the 6-7cm width segment.

Addendum: This Goatwhore patch might be a perfect fit: https://tshirtslayer.com/patch/goatwhore-patch-0
I think it is embroidered, but of very high quality from what I have seen.

bad_american1992's picture

That one is quite long and skinny! I forgot about it.

MortalFate's picture


This man seems to have patches for sale that you can fit in.

PRISM's picture

Thank you for linking my item mate!
Sadly the HOS in question is 6.7cm in width, so I didn't offer it to the OP.
A width of 5cm is quite rare. Hundreds of patches in my archives and only a handful would fit that (without putting them on sideways of course haha).

MortalFate's picture

You do have this one that'll work! This with the Tool patch and maybe one more patch would suffice.


PRISM's picture

Good catch! I have actually uploaded it as a response to this thread and already offered to the OP, but I don't think it was what he was looking for. Which is quite alright, I'm sure someone will come along that is interested in picking it up. :)

dinosaurs_can_fly's picture

The green Slipknot tribal S is vertical and would fit there!


Bladerunner's picture

There's just one problem... I hate Slipknot. :D
Thanks, anyway! :)

dinosaurs_can_fly's picture

Ahahaha, understandable. Cheers! :)

doctordeath's picture

Who wanna start a 'narrow vertical patches' group? :) https://tshirtslayer.com/node/add/tss-group

kingdomofhannover's picture

Schonmal über was selbstgebautes aus Longsleeve Ärmeln nachgedacht. Da gibt es doch unendlich viele schlanke Motive. Bügelvlies darunter, Rahmen nähen. Da findest du 100% was bestimmt!

Bladerunner's picture

Well... my problem has been solved a long time ago, this is just thread-necromancy. I filled the gaps with shaped patches and I'm happy with it. But you guys can create whatever groups you like. :D

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