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Tue, 09/01/2018 - 23:53

With all due respect to Dr. Kolossus and his bad ass Metalucifer tribute kutte, I think for the new year the tshirtslayer background should get be updated!
Maybe we could have a poll where we vote on the most popular vests from 2017?

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yeah - it needs to be updated, but there is also some consideration into how well the image fits into the background :) if we can pick a few then i'll play with the colours and such and see if i can get it to work..

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Neat! I guess there is a lot to consider going on with color and resolution.

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I vote a picture of a goat!!!


10 years and still going strong!

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A billygoat with a party hat hahahaha

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Something made by Dan Seagrave. Maybe not something everyone knows.
A transylvanian castle, a stave church or something else with a dark mood could be nice as well.

inb4 burning church

You know, stuff like Summoning's "Minas Morgul" cover. Caladan Brood has beautiful artwork as well.
Or just something by Theodor Kittelsen.

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Something with a copyright could get difficult. Also it should be something Metal related imho, as much as I love those paintings.

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I feel like a battle jacket or a shirt collection or something unique is the way to go. Plenty of other sites are tailored to metal in general but this is the only devoted to collectors. I think the background should reflect that.

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Totally, But we've got a fair few Females joining lately...Might upset em.

I've got a semi-nude calendar at work and some women sook about it..

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pete steele's cock?

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Haha, No!

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