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scammer alert: ravage records

Fri, 19/11/2021 - 21:42

Do not buy from them. bought almost €200 worth of shirts that i never received, owner is actively blocking me. avoid at all costs

hopeiw's picture

paypal claim?

samael6666's picture

Yeahhhh wish i could but i kinda forgot to escalate it(thought i did) and paypal is basically like fuck you there is no fix on this

LeBoi's picture

Haven't had any problems with them, and bought there a lot of times. Should also look at postal services since they ship from Asia and with these fucking restrictions the EU put up as of 1st of July a lot of shit is stuck in transit.

samael6666's picture

First of all he promised a couple of times to send tracking which he didnt. Months later. Im patient but not that patient for not sending when everything is in stock. I can wait for the postal services to infinity but he simply hasnt sent. Blocked me on everything and willfully ignored my messages on read. Would love to talk about it but i cant rly

samael6666's picture

If he can provide me with a tracking id be happy but he hasnt despite promising me 3 times. So to me thats shady as fuck

LeBoi's picture

If you payed by paypal you should have send a claim within 180 days from ordering. If you say the merch was in stock during whole that time, yet he didn't send it.Certainly if you didn't got a respons after that time period i would have put up a claim after 3 months

samael6666's picture

yes but i found out the hard way if you open a claim but dont escalate it like i thought i did basically its tough luck but theres no way of getting your money back via paypal per their policy

TheSabbathsCreed's picture

I had trouble with them as well but my mates had no problems at all so I don’t know what to believe. Mabye it’s who you know with this lot 🤷‍♂️

samael6666's picture

Not saying everyone does. I just had problems and he has made no efforts to send the items or give a refund. Just want to warn people for his lack of caring.

MortalFate's picture

The amount of scamming in this scene is unreal. Sports memorabilia is way more profitable. Loser scammers should try that.

Another bootlegger?!

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