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SAVAGE STEELE - Shirts for heavy lifters !

Into Glory Ride
Sat, 21/11/2020 - 13:57

Hey guys,

i hope, Doc is ok with this after being a long time member for years now and having contributed to the community where i could

me and a good friend of mine started something completely new and what better place to make it public than good ole' Tshirt-Slayer. Follow us on Instagram @savagesteeleforge and on our bigcartel savagesteeleforge.bigcartel.com .

See you there and appreciate your support !!!

Also follow us at https://www.instagram.com/savagesteeleforge/



Now that we have your attention: What comes to your mind?

For us: Strength. Willpower. Overcoming. This is visible over the ages in the artworks of the music we all worship and love. Think of iconic front covers like „Ram it down“, „Only the Strong“, „Hail to England“.

• Who are we?

We are a group of individuals who love old school Heavy Metal and strength (training). While lifting weights, we listen to Thor and Omen, to Solstice and Eternal Champion, to Manowar and Liege Lord.

There was no apparel that represented this combination. So at the beginning of this year we joined forces and took our fate in our own hands. After months of work, hardships and failures we are here. Ready to crush and create.


SAVAGES are warriors of old that dont seem to fit in. In a world of softness we promote a culture of strength. Of willpower. Of overcoming yourself. For ultimate glory.

We are determined like STEEL. Steel is what we lift up to get stronger. And steel is the ultimate symbol of Heavy Metal. Ours is the kingdom of STEELE.

Ah yeah: and it sounds pretty badass and is a tribute to one of the mightiest US Power Metal bands of all time. Who? Let us know in the comments!

• What do we do?

We express our idea(l)s within the realm of (US/Epic) Metal and sword and sorcery aesthetics. Because this is what we love.

But don‘t despair! Not a fan of all the strength-talk? Not to keen on lifting? Read on.

You are into old school Heavy Metal and heroic fantasy aesthetics? You know the aforementioned albums by heart? Names like Howard, Leiber and Moorcock let your heart beat faster? Or you are just tired of your old boring looking shirts?

You, my friend, will love what we do, aswell. This is a project born out of passion, from fans for fans.

Our first pre-order will start in the next few days already. We are excited as hell and hope you are too and will join us on our journey. Into Glory Ride.

Now: Leave a follow to stay updated and tell all your friends, oldschool bangers, heavy lifters and fellow savages!

We swore the oath.



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