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Good places in Hamburg?

Thu, 28/07/2022 - 21:41

Any tips regarding good pubs, record stores, good local food etc in Hamburg,? Going there this weekend and apart from seeing Evoken on saturday and catching some museum and historical sites, the schedule is very free. Local old and cozy bars are interesting as well as local craft beer and hearthy German food, also sloppy fast food. Going to the Flakturm IV and hopefully some war memorial as well. Staying at Reeperbahn. All and any Hamburg tips are welcome!

Into Glory Ride's picture

lol what coincidence, I am taking my train to Hamburg too, tomorrow. I will only be there for a short time and meet friends for a strength contest though.

I heard Remedy Records is THE go to place for Metal records. Rather expensive but with very friendly and knowledgable shop owners.

Otherwise ask Rise_above on this site, I think he is from Hamburg

Enjoy Evoken!

Doomgarlic's picture

Sounds nice! The only lifting I'll do is beer bottles. I wish you the best of luck for the contest and thanks for the tip!

As for Evoken, haha, I've misread the date for several months. The gig is the same day I travel home and not tomorrow. But, I've got tickets for the Copenhagen gig. Evoken here would only have been a bonus on the trip so no biggie.

slayerslayer's picture

Der Clochard
Reeperbahn 29
20359 Hamburg
Germany . beer, balcony, and most metal jukebox in Hamburg .

Doomgarlic's picture

Seems to be closed, too bad as it looked like a great spot. Thanks for the tip anyway, appreciate it!

hopeiw's picture

closed down, closed for ever, closed for cleaning? what time did you go there?

hopeiw's picture


quixotic's picture

Cruise Records! (Beer and Vinyl!)

Fischkopp Plattenshop: Grabenstra├če 4, 20357 Hamburg
Really awesome Punk/Metal Vinyl Record Store

Doomgarlic's picture

Oh, the best of two worlds, beer AND vinyl. Thank you for the tips! :)

Into Glory Ride's picture

I went to Puresoul Records yesterday, a store regularly specialized in , you guessed it: funk and soul. Something led me to there anyway so I looked through the 5 euro boxes and pulled out a few Jethro Tull, Europe, Molly Hatchet, Rory Galagher, Dio and a few more. All in absolute PRISTINE condition! For 5 bucks.

They also had screaming for vengeance and one Helloween (Walls of Jericho?) if you don't have them yet.

One of the most unexpected and best deals I made in a long time . I even got one record for free.

Don't waste your time at: michelle records, Zardos Records

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