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Deceitful patch seller/buyer from here on etsy and ebay

Sat, 21/05/2022 - 21:04


Wasn't this made in 2021? He describes it as vintage from the 90s. This shop is run by a user on here. Runs an ebay shop, too. This man is a nightmare.

Thane's picture

He's an asshole, buying up limited patches and marking most of them up over 300%.... beware buying from him

MortalFate's picture


500% markup, at least. "Prviously owned". By who?

hopeiw's picture

which user?

MortalFate's picture

Now you know.

Brendon's picture

Lol this is the dude that bought my iron maiden killers bp at auction on ebay for about $30 and has it priced on there for 179.95 🤣🤣🤣🤣 lotta real common shit for upwards of $80 as well

Overactive Imagination's picture

He just bought one of my patches lmao!

MortalFate's picture

Let's see if it pops up on ebay.

Into Glory Ride's picture

What a cockroach

MortalFate's picture

Am surprised he didn't block you all. He blocked the first few who spoke up. I blocked him, on my end.

MortalFate's picture

His ebay profile used to say North Las Vegas. Now Long Beach, CA. And he hasn't moved. Guess he's even lying about location on ebay. This dude uses the word "Scripture" to describe a bootleg Maiden patch but yet, is so cheap. Already well paid, too. Idiot even tried to dox me here for refunding his money so he can't profit on a patch I was selling.

Overactive Imagination's picture

The patch I mailed to him was the North Las Vegas address via Ebay

MortalFate's picture

Well, there you go.

MortalFate's picture


140 for a Carcass BP from PTPP. I won't be here much longer, but wise not to sell to or buy from this dude. He somehow is messing around with his ebay shop now, too.

MortalFate's picture

Just had to bump this sucker up again for entertainment. Already up and available!


Vintage 2022 Death, Individual Thought Pattern patch for sale at a 400% flip.

Kriegaz's picture

At this point, PTPP are complicit. They were made aware of this guy by numerous people, they obviously know him by name and address by now and yet he was still somehow able to buy literally 30 patches from them within the last week. They obviously don't give a shit.
Given their behaviour on social media recently, I'm not really surprised at all. Glad I haven't bought from them, and definitely won't be doing so now when this is the kind of thing they enable.

Into Glory Ride's picture

Which Social Media Behaviour exactly do you mean besides jumping on the ridiculous PrIdE-train and presenting "Square" patches as something exotic and amazing?

Kriegaz's picture

Basically that sort of stuff, and going on a virtue signalling ban crusade against anyone who even so much as laugh reacts their post about it and offers even nominal criticism. It's pathetic.

Into Glory Ride's picture

Hahaha that's pretty much what I would expect.
Plonk da Plonk.

no_teleology's picture

Their square patches are horribly ugly, you can’t just digitally copy paste the album art onto a patch and expect it to look good…they have no sense of graphic design either I mean their recent Venom backpatch is just terrible

Kriegaz's picture

Yeah, often whenever a small woven patch has about 400 colours in it and it's a design we've seen a thousand times already, you can rest assured it's PTP.

Into Glory Ride's picture

I am really a bit sick and tired that you see nothing but PTP-Patches flying around anymore here aswell.

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