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Beware: Bootlegger stole my picture from TSS (Sodom shirt)

Tue, 07/03/2023 - 10:53

Hey folks,

some of you might have stumbled across certain eBay sellers offering old school shirt designs for ridiculously cheap prices. Today I saw a user registered in the US selling this Greek tour shirt from Sodom. He used the picture from my TSS account (unfortunately, the watermark doesn't cover the design), so you can imagine a) the low-fi quality that can be expected and b) what kind of low-life piece of garbage the seller most likely is.

I'm located in Germany and have better things to do than cashing in on bootlegs, so this is also some kind of disclosure that I am not affiliated in any way with the seller. I've already reported the listing.

Don't buy from pricks, kids, it's not worth the money.

doctordeath's picture

Many years ago there used to be another watermark sort of in the middle of the picture but a little smaller, well, just about everyone here complained about it, so i removed it, i tried to explain to them why it was necessary but the angry mob crowd raised their pitchforks and shouted me down... so here we are :)

RnReiner's picture

Haha, well, please rest assured that this was not meant to criticise the watermark policy around here. To be honest, I always thought these were placed more or less randomly. My anger was rather directed at the scum who tried to exploit that beautiful gallery of yours ;) On a side note: the offer's already been taken down - either by eBay or the seller himself who then apparently is registered here as well. In that case, I'd like to wish him a happy FOAD :)

meaningless's picture

everything ok like it is, it can always happen in this or in another way...that bootleger grab our images....
cheers Doc! :D

RnReiner's picture

It happened again. I've already reported the listing. Please don't buy from this piece of garbage :)

meaningless's picture

It seems u have great Sodom Shirts..hahaha...that even bootleger steal ur imagines...hahaha... crazy shit, dude!
Ill keep in mind, when i stumple across one of these shirts! Thx for info!

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