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Best concerts you went to this year

Sun, 03/12/2023 - 03:57

Now that the year is almost over what have been some of your favorite concerts you went to this year. Some of my favorites have been Buzzard fest, Dethklok, Metallica, Pantera, Lamb of God, Ministry, and Gojira.

Samppa666's picture

Nile, Torture Rack, Torture Killer, Devenial Verdict, Sadistic Drive and Fulci.

The Fulci show was awesome.

doctordeath's picture

Primordial was a big surprise for me it terms of concerts

Kofuv6's picture

IDK about best since i saw a LOT of good ones this year

Funniest would be Transgressor by a mile, despite the technical problems they kept playing and everyone seemed to have a blast. BUY CD OR DIE.

MetalNDN's picture

Cannibal Corpse, Gorguts.
Ingested, Devourment.
Kreator, Death Angel, Spiritworld.

Cardboardcity's picture

Damnation Festival - Sigh, Enslaved plays Vikingligr Veldi, Laster, High Command, Anaal Nathrakh, Electric Wizard, Undeath, Downfall of Gaia, etc., was probably the best.
Wytch Hazel, Spell, and Parish was fantastic - really cool to see Spell live and the others always deliver.
Spider God, Sun's Journey Through the Night, and the Oracle was very intense.
Iron Maiden Future past and Panopticon/Afsky were also sick.

Dante's picture

Tough question... if I had to choose, it would be mostly the classics.

Manowar (can't wait for their HtE / SotH tour)
Riot (old school set in Athens)
Ross the Boss (first row singing all the Manowar classics)
Kiss (first time for me, really enjoyed it)
Wishbone Ash (Argus 50th anniversary set)
Seven Sisters (one of the best modern live bands)

Best festival would be Up the Hammers in Athens.

no karate in pit's picture

cannibal corpse ,mayhem,gorguts and blood incantation my first real metal show and it was epic and corpsegrinder signed my kutte and i got to meet luc lemay and every band gave it alot of effort and it truly blew me away

ThatBillyGuy's picture

Im sure it was awesome! I wanted to go so bad but they didnt come to Cleveland or near me.

no karate in pit's picture

maybe next year mate but in the mean time cheers

Wyvern's picture

It's a tie between Alestorm, Gloryhammer, and Lutharo; and Cannibal Corpse, Mayhem, Gorguts, and Blood Incantation

Allpathsendthesame's picture

Best show I caught this year was Profanatica. There's still time for Possessed and Nunslaughter to be better though.

Other highlights: Candlemass, Suffocation, Deceased/Bulldozer, Death Worship, Varathron, and Atheist.

Heavy Metal Chemist's picture

I didn't see a lot of shows this year, but despite seeing Maiden (my favorite band), I have to say: Seven Sisters in Hamburg (Bambi Galore)
Holy shit did they play tight there, and the sound was amazing!

Shatafaker666's picture

Depeche Mode with Memento Mori Tour.

DeSelby13's picture

So many great shows this year! Some of the highlights were Undergang/Pissgrave, Subterannean Dissonance Fest (went to see Horrendous but it was a great experience overall), Morbid Angel/Crypta, Cattle Decapitation/200 Stab Wounds/Blackbraid, Midnight/Spiter, Maul/Tombstoner, Sacramentum/Crossspitter.

Allux101's picture

Rammstein & Lorna Shore

ThatBillyGuy's picture

Awesome! I would love to see rammstien. I also saw lorna shore and thought they were ok.

Allux101's picture

Ye i strongly recommend rammstein, they were sick!!! And so was Lorna Shore but that band isn't for everyone's taste:)

metalarchivesripsection's picture


metalarchivesripsection's picture

Also Cephalotripsy!

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