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Be aware of fuckenscooter02

Mon, 27/11/2023 - 22:53

I'm really not into calling people scammers but i bought a Kreator Extreme Agression patch from fuckenscooter02 in August. Everything was fine he had good reviews on TSS so i really didn't expect that he would scam me.
It's my fault too because i paid with the "family and friends" option.
He sent me a tracking number and the patch got delivered too but in the Netherlands.
I asked him if there was a mistake and i really wanted to work things out but he didn't answer since months.
The last answer I got was on 27th September but he was online pretty often in the meantime.
I just wanted to share my bad experience with him maybe we can work things out this way.
I added some screenshots too!

Blade of Tokyo's picture

I've also wanted to make a trade with him some weeks ago. The patch I was interested in was obviously already traded (maybe he got a second one, I don't know).
So I asked for a actual picture of it, just to be sure he still got that one and I don't get scammed.
He never responded to that massage, although he was very interested in my patches- that left me suspicious. And in combination to your experience, it looks pretty much like scamming.

Maybe he's just 'a bit' lazy and you can work it out but I'd be careful.

BrandishTheSceptre's picture

Funny side story:
Like a month later i saw another patch which looked exactly the same (border damages). Funny thing the user was from Netherlands.
I asked him if he bought the patch from fuckenscooter02 and he said yes.
Could be a big coincidence but okay.

ViolentForce's picture

Well fuck, there goes my money

doctordeath's picture

You still made an expensive deal with him (hundreds of euros), EVEN THO THERE IS A HUGE WARNING ON HIS ACCOUNT


You blow hundreds of euros on some crap from someone with OBVIOUS WARNINGS but you dont even bother to become a TSS supporter

what the hell is wrong with you man

ViolentForce's picture

Hold your horses, I made deals with him in the past and they all worked out so I didn’t see the warning. I didn’t see the warning until today when I looked in the chat again.

No why would I support someone that talks this way to their users lol

doctordeath's picture

looks obvious to me

ViolentForce's picture

When I made that deal that warning wasn’t there yet. I saw it for the first time today. That’s why I didn’t know.

doctordeath's picture

that's not true, that's absolutely not true

ViolentForce's picture

Sure whatever, whenever I made the deal with him there were indeed big ass warnings in the chat. Keep believing that.

bestialinfestation's picture

I also bought a Slayer Hell Awaits patch from him a long time ago. Tried contacting him a few months later asking about maybe the patch was lost or something. He said he doesn't know and that was it.

Guess it sucks to suck.

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