Another video tour!

Mon, 05/06/2017 - 05:51

I'm in the middle of a concert dry stretch, but that isn't stopping me from boring you with 20-minute video tours! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lj7TqXkChzc

DoctorDeath's picture

woha! great tour! didnt realise you were an old pearl jam fan too, very cool.

i feel like i need to go and sit in the cafeteria and order a coffee and a sandwich, take a break then exit through the gift shop after seeing your gallery! thanks!!!

mexicanuck's picture

Yep, I've seen Pearl Jam twice as many times as any other band.

Haha, thanks. I would say I'm seven away from calling it a gallery. I have 24, so if I have seven more, I can claim, "Over 30 posters!"

kimo's picture

Nice man. I really enjoyed this video and your knowledge of the artists involved with the posters. I reckon a thousand other people could have tried a video like this and failed, but you seem to have a knack for keeping my attention and interest through all your videos. Look forward to your next one.

DoctorDeath's picture


mexicanuck's picture

Ah, great, thanks for the kind words! I couldn't believe it was 20 minutes when I was done. Glad to know it kept your attention!

Antonio's picture

Pretty nice tour, bro !!

mexicanuck's picture

Right on, thanks Antonio!

Der Todesking's picture

Pretty interesting video! That Black Sab & Radio Moscow posters are badass!!

mexicanuck's picture

Thanks! And yes, Mexican artists!

rusty74's picture

Another top vid mate, there's something magic about a nice tour poster, great memories and stories you have, i know you went to see Kadavar, but how did you find Wolfmother?, being Aussie they were huge here in the early 2000's, not so much now. Really cool how your have arranged your display.

mexicanuck's picture

Thanks, it's nice to see people (even if it's strangers!) like my collection and display. Wolfmother was okay, I guess. I talked to friends during most of their set, and didn't really even pay much attention to them, to be honest. But something I can say is that Kadavar got the best reception of any opening band I have ever seen, in 33 years of going to concerts. The crowd was fucking crazy for them, I think maybe even more than for Wolfmother (I'm not talking about how I personally feel, I'm talking about the crowd).

slayerslayer's picture

thank you for the tour . do you use a professional framer , or , do it yourself?

mexicanuck's picture

Thanks for watching! No, I get them done. There are framing shops on every corner around here, so I drop them off at one at the bottom of my street, and they're ready in about two days. All anti-reflective glass.

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