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Tankard - Tribute "Diplombierologe" Kutte - Bierfeudel

Thu, 09/09/2021 - 14:04

Well, i ordered a jacket at eBay, totally drunk. 🤣 So the idea was born.

The jacket is ugly as hell, you only can order things like that totally drunk. I thought about Tankard and decided to manage this project.

First I'll upload the pics of my owned patches, because I don't know, which ones i would use for my project. The first ideas are running through my head. 😎

First decisions were made. Pictures are updated.

What a pity: The term "Die bierste Band der Welt (the beerest band of the world) unfortunately is given to another band called "Brathering" in Germany. 😔

First pictures of the "ugliest" vest, i've ever seen for a "Kutte" 🤣. First layout ideas. Nothing sewn on till now.

Ordered some rivets in pyramid style, silver. 🤘🏻

BP is sewn on. 🪡🧵

Decided, that it should get a kind of old school look.

Ordered another patch "Diplombierologe". Pic is uploaded.

Idea "pouring in a beer" added.


First try for the front layout. Pretty sure, that this won't be the final result.
The back is finished except some rivets, which still have to arrive.
First parts of the front sewn on.

Front could be arranged like shown on pic 3. One patch still missing.

Right front sewing finished. Still waiting for the rivets. Would love to change the BP, but have to get the right one.
"Patchwork" done except one missing patch. Ordered an "Alien"-Pin.

"Patchwork" finished, the rest is still waiting for arrival.

Alien-Pin arrived. Pic will follow asap.

The revets arrived. First ones applied.

Pins arrived. Project almost done. Still searching for a wristband from the RockHard 2012 festival.

Not for sale or trade

Year: 2021
Tankard - Tribute "Diplombierologe" Kutte - Bierfeudel
Tankard - Tribute "Diplombierologe" Kutte - Bierfeudel

Odradek's picture

Looking forward to seeing the result! What Backpatch are you going to use?

Odradek's picture

Ah my bad, didn't see the one in the pictures. Nice one!

Vollhonk's picture

Owning two BP's, but think, that i'll use the "Rest in beer".

Vollhonk's picture

An illness called "Augenkrebs" in Germany... 😂 But still I like my project. 😁

Vollhonk's picture

That'll be one of the worst projects, I've ever seen. 🤣🤘🏻 The next days I will show some ideas, would be nice to get some feedback.

Alex.Witchhunter's picture

finde das untere bild besser. Sieht kompletter aus.
Bin mal gespannt was draus wird :D

Vollhonk's picture

Bin mir auch noch nicht sicher, wo das hinführen soll. 🤣

fauzan big's picture


Vollhonk's picture

Thx. Only the BP is sewn on till now. The pics above are only ideas and not the setup, which will be the end.

fauzan big's picture

Yeah choosing setup idea is the most difficult part haha

Vollhonk's picture

That's the point. ☝🏻😎

Thane's picture

Hell yeah one of the bands I didn't expect to see a tribute vest for. Looks awesome dude

Vollhonk's picture

Thx, mate. 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

From the tomb's picture

It needs some space beer stains as well and some "hair of the dog" on it haha, great :))

Vollhonk's picture

"Hotd" is already there, unfortunately i only know one "Space beer" patch. 😔 But there will come a few more nice ones. 🤘🏻

Would love to have a "Die with a beer in your hand" BP.

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