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Skrewdriver My body armor

Victory Mike
Mon, 27/03/2023 - 22:15

Just my leather. Bruder Schweigen means Silent Brotherhood or literal translation Brothers Silence. Hvitr Vald is Old Norse for White Power. On the collar in runes it says Violent Criminal

Not for sale or trade

Year: 2020
Skrewdriver My body armor
Skrewdriver My body armor

bad_american1992's picture

Is that eagle with the white circular border a Lars Frederiksen patch?

Doomgarlic's picture

Nice spelling error on the back!

Streptococcus's picture

Not the biggest surprise in the world the ‘master race’ can’t spell correctly haha!

Doomgarlic's picture

Hah! For some strange reason, it's always the same. :) While the bottom patch is spelled right, the wording isn't spot on. Also, I can't understand why someone would use runes to spell something in english. Really low effort by ze violent criminal, who've most probably would have been in prison, or even worse, should he have lived in Germany during the 3rd Reich. ;)

Victory Mike's picture

Nope just from 2000-2002 I’ll try to be born earlier next time dickweed

Victory Mike's picture

Do tell me what language I should be using the runes for.

AbysmalWind's picture

That just adds to the overall cringe hahaha

Ahn's picture

Gnarly looking!

AbysmalWind's picture

Fred Perry already stated they were sick of being connected to this, yet you keep trying to cling on to their wreath. Come on...

Victory Mike's picture

Are gonna cwy widdle one 😢

schönheit-der-natur's picture

Very good.

oldcoffinspirit's picture

"Bruder Schweigen means Silent Brotherhood".... aaaaah...no?!?!

Into Glory Ride's picture


Soulless's picture

Uploads like this are the reason why i removed all my own uploads... and why i deleted my first account here...

darkerdraught's picture

Oof yeah. That's the good stuff right there. I cringed so hard it cleared my sinuses. Thanks for that.

goretroll's picture

it says "brother silent" not brothers. its singular without the umlaut. anyone that speaks german will think youre an idiot

oldcoffinspirit's picture

To be exact: Bruder is brother and not brotherhood. Schweigen written with a capial S means silence and not silent. In case you do not want to look like a dyslexic you can write Brüder schweigen to come anywhere near the intended meaning.

TylerW's picture

Great jacket, love it! :)

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