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Night Demon 'Armö Army'

St. Barbara
Sun, 07/07/2024 - 10:56

This 100% handmade tribute vest collects items from the official merchtable, bootleg stuff and some custom made unique pieces. In addition, the jacket displays a few special patches from the band members' home regions Ventura and Ireland. The Night Demon-sigil on the inside is drawn by the band, the roadcrew and me together! The 'Armö Army'-top rocker patch goes back to the band's guitarist nickname "Armö". The 'Twilight Zone'-patch is a nod to the Night Demon-song 'The Howling Man' that relates to the classic TV-show's episode of the same name. 'Maiden Hell' quotes the fan favorite track from Night Demon's 2nd album that pays tribute to the legendary Iron Maiden. Night Demon is also known for resurrecting and empowering Ventura's very own Heavy Metal legend 'Cirith Ungol'. Join the Legion!

Not for sale or trade
Night Demon 'Armö Army'
Night Demon 'Armö Army'
Night Demon 'Armö Army'
Night Demon 'Armö Army'
Night Demon 'Armö Army'

waldpyk's picture

Very cool!

St. Barbara's picture

Thank you!

Deathtattooguy's picture

This definitely rules!

St. Barbara's picture

Thanks so much!

bad_american1992's picture

Love the Ventura freeway patch on the inside! My old turf \m/ that city was wild back in the day

St. Barbara's picture

Thanks! They actually don't ship to Germany. I had to ask a friend from NY to order them for me!

bad_american1992's picture

That is dedication!!!

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  • A really nice patch, I have been looking for CH patches, but havent been lucky so far \m/
  • Huundert Euro Juunge!
  • If you go on rock stakk records they have on of the woven versions for sale (that’s where I got mine)
  • Desch aber a goldigs Jäckle mein lieber Scholli
  • Very cool. Looks good with your room
  • Cenotaph,Temple Below,Sadomator GONE!!!
  • Thanks alot!
  • Nice haven't seen it either
  • Nice, they're a classic here in Baltimore! Kix was always great. Got to see them a few times before they retired!