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Deathroner New Battle Jacket

MorbidWaste's picture

Super cool jacket! Love how colorful it is

Starside-Relics's picture

Thanks mate! I'm not used to using this much color so it was new for me haha

MorbidWaste's picture

You did a great job!

MetalBrewer's picture

100% behind the Nutella!

Starside-Relics's picture

Nutella gave me a free one inch woven patch so I was compelled to use it! hehe

Halo of Flies's picture

That is fucking bad ass!! It really pops. Great job

Starside-Relics's picture

Yeah it's pretty easy to find in my closet at the moment, sticks out like a neon sign hahah. Thanks mate!!

NuclearAbuse's picture

Hell yeah brother. Nice addition of that Evil Invader’s bp at the bottom from Jessey, great guy! Looks massive.

Starside-Relics's picture

I think i got the last one too! He's da man. Thanks mate!!

Metalmate's picture

What a feast for the eye. And Deathroner on top !! Awesome
My biggest Canadian crush 😍

Ultimos's picture

Great jacket, I haven’t seen that rush patch before, really nice.

Starside-Relics's picture

I actually made that one, recently sold out

Halo of Flies's picture

I would love to find that Exciter Violence And Force patch. I saw them on that tour opening for Mercyful Fate and Motorhead. It was called the Metal Over America Tour

Starside-Relics's picture

Unfortunately I don't even remember where I got it haha

Astral Dead Head's picture

Great vest, patches, and overall design. Love that combo of Fallout + Carnivore on the back. Wish more people knew about Fallout, such an awesome band for having only like three songs.

Starside-Relics's picture

Thanks mate! It was the only time I experimented with the style of overlapping patches. I don't LOVE the final product, almost too colorful for me, but it hands proudly in my closet nonetheless :D

I love everything Peter was a part of, even the Agnostic Front album he wrote

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Recent Comments

  • It's from Rapture Textiles if you want one
  • I bet they were a tour de force on stage, since this album not only is a great testimony, but also stands the test of ti
  • Absolutely spiffin' release.
  • Good seeing and hearing these Germaniacs keep the steely ball rollin' along
  • This rocks!! Looks like 2 of the guys formed a new band. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsfclwQs_3c
  • I live 10 min away from that venue they played in Delaware. Sucks I had to work Saturday night.
  • Yeah, sadly the other variant is harder to come by.
  • I'm glad I was able to score one a few years ago. A dude around here had 2 of them.
  • Super cool. This variant with the " solid"mask was really neat! I had the other version ages ago.
  • Yes, there are still a handful of Exumer patches for me to own into my collection.
  • Hübsch, wo ist das denn her?
  • Tell me about it, this demo fucking demolishes... Rest In Piss TORPEDO
  • Was from nuclearwinter prods, sold out I believe
  • Medium and not for sale.
  • thank you mate! i never wear it, both cause it doesnt fit anymore, and cause it shold be preserved!!
  • Ah, the non-spelling error version, great one!