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Mortuary Drape my patch pants

Mon, 24/04/2023 - 01:27

Mostly art shit, various bands, poetry shit i think in my head and yeah.

Not for sale or trade
Mortuary Drape my patch pants
Mortuary Drape my patch pants
Mortuary Drape my patch pants
Mortuary Drape my patch pants
Mortuary Drape my patch pants
Mortuary Drape my patch pants

Crumbone's picture

I like your pants, they are very cool looking and unlike any other hand stitched pants I have seen. I think the hand painted poetry adds interesting detail along with all your unique patch choices. Your color pallette is also pleasing.

Turdburger's picture

Thank you! I wanted to drift away from the typical crust pants and make it my own thing.

As for the poetry it’s not painted I used dental floss to make the letters.

Crumbone's picture

Wow, that makes them even cooler. I just thought they were painted because that's what most people do but stitching them is a lot harder and a lot more sophisticated. I admire your ability to Stitch those intricate details. I wish TSS enabled us to look at close ups so I could have realized the lettering was stitched.

Turdburger's picture

It takes time but anyone can do it really, I would say there are a lot more skillful stitchers out there, it just takes a lot of patience to achieve a more desirable result.

Thank you for the kind words :)

I think you can zoom in but it might be a bit blurry

Crumbone's picture

Sweet! I didn't know I could do that until you just told me.

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