My every day battle jacket

Sun, 03/12/2017 - 21:58

This is my every day vest and leather jacket classic combo, reppin bands i love, also a few philosophical statements i guess, the first being the alien abduction patch on my left shoulder. Says "i want to leave"..my therapist thinks i want to kill myself. Also "the police are not your friends" near the wu tang patch and a big "fight racism" on the front. Just today i got this Lifeless patch so heres a pic. Grabbed this Nine Inch Nails patch the other day,they have been one of my favorite bands since 1989? 1990? Not sure.

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  • Saustark! Ich liebe die Artworks von denen immer total! Die anderen beiden Shirts sind auch klasse!
  • Looks really solid! Great!
  • Great longsleeve!
  • Looks pretty cool with that leather border, I like it!
  • It doesn't look cut off to me but one thing I always thought is that both women, on the original cover and re-relea
  • Awesome.Great frontprint!Favorite track still is 'Driven by the five winged star',however the whole album is a
  • Seriously astonishing.Really enjoy the album from beginning 'til end!Not a weak point on the album whatsoever.
  • i like this shorts!
  • Love that old Toxic Holocaust logo patch!
  • Not big on baseball tees but do love the design. Hoping they reschedule their tour here.
  • amazing printing.
  • i really like the tee and preferred this b&w version on the shirt at least anyway...
  • just purchased this shirt through the merch table site! i have a recording [from dime] of the show you went to [25/1] i
  • You should totally ask it would look amazing on your kutte mate.
  • Heil Bohrmann!
  • If You really, really want this t-shirt - write priv...


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