My every day battle jacket

Sun, 03/12/2017 - 21:58

This is my every day vest and leather jacket classic combo, reppin bands i love, also a few philosophical statements i guess, the first being the alien abduction patch on my left shoulder. Says "i want to leave"..my therapist thinks i want to kill myself. Also "the police are not your friends" near the wu tang patch and a big "fight racism" on the front. Just today i got this Lifeless patch so heres a pic. Grabbed this Nine Inch Nails patch the other day,they have been one of my favorite bands since 1989? 1990? Not sure.

Not for sale or trade


Mutilationrite's picture

Nice jacket, lots of great bands. Love the Wu-Tang Clan patch... the good rap not the garbage nowadays.

JMFM's picture

WOW that is an awesome jacket !

Plague's picture

Looks sick man!!!

Nater90's picture

Awesome as fuck taste, Wicked Carcass BP!!

The Clairvoyant's picture

Looks great. Good work.

JLee1977r's picture

Thanks everybody!!!! Y'all are Awesome!

MIKEDUDE's picture

Great job man

David_metalpunx666's picture

Fucking cool , love carcass backpatch and fight rascism patch )

nosanctuary's picture

"Anti human anti life"
"Respect all"
""Fight racism"

David_metalpunx666's picture

I think respect all metal heads and punks , and if you don’t like racism this not problem to hate all people)))

JLee1977r's picture

Yeah buddy, the anti human anti life patch is a Taake patch, you know, the Norwegian black metal band. There's also an "i want to leave" patch that shows a dude getting abducted by an alien because, like you just proved in the comments above, that most people are fucking garbage and have to be destroyed.

nosanctuary's picture

Hahaha that sure got you excited. The fact that you had to send me a private message and then block me from responding also says a lot. All due to me pointing out how contradictory the patches are. Get fucked bud

JLee1977r's picture

Actually i blocked you because i dont like people being fucking assholes for no reason. So keep your opinions to yourself and eat a big old dick for America you stupid Canadian fuck.

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