Metal Cat

Left Hand Patch
Mon, 11/09/2017 - 22:54

Patches are from the 80s. Cat is 4.

Not for sale or trade


Atomicide's picture

Hihi ^^

DarkValkyrieofDeath's picture

cute, i have a cat which looks similar, ive thought about making vests for my kitties too

leswhite's picture

ha ha, awesome :)

Nater90's picture

Cute kitty!!!!

He / she has awesome taste, What's his/her name?

Left Hand Patch's picture

Thanks! His name is Steve. I'd have rather he went for Death Metal patches, particularly as I wanted the Sabbath patch on my next project, but he was insistent.

parregeaboppe's picture

Total awesomeness haha, Steve sounds like cool dude

Nater90's picture

Most welcome! Nice name.

Steve Sabbath goes hand in hand!!!

MelFromHell's picture

I actually can't stand cats but this gave me a giggle, nice one Steve lad haha

Utter Chaos's picture

LOL - The bands on that battle jacket are not my cup of tea, but this is just awesome! This is the one and only true GREAT KAT. Hahahaha! ;D

Metalheadgamer1970's picture

How are Sabbath and Maiden not your cup of tea?

They are among the GREATEST!

Utter Chaos's picture

It's just a question of taste - and my taste obviously differs from yours. I'm fine with that, how 'bout you? ;)

Left Hand Patch's picture

Thank you :) I have some spare Sepultura patches that can go on his next vest.

Utter Chaos's picture

Yeah, sounds great - a fuckin' Katpultura battle vest! Hahahaha! ;D

Der Todesking's picture

Badass kitty, so cute & brootal at the same time! Cuddles for him/ her from Germany!!

blashyrkh66's picture

Amazing! My cats would shred a jacket like that in two seconds, or kill me first while I was trying to put it on ha ha.

METALEX's picture

Brilliant. Inspires me to get to work for my next battle jacket (for my cat, Otis).

Influx's picture

This is amazing and gave me the biggest freakin smile! I wish my giant cat was willing to let me put clothes on him but til then this is great!

tokmangel's picture

Great patches, magnificent cat!

Left Hand Patch's picture

Thank you very much! I will pass on your compliments to him.

Isaac Chroner's picture

Cute cat and awesome patches!


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