Leather Jacket Black & Red "Sanctuary"

Tue, 12/06/2018 - 19:07

Genuin Leather Jacket from Topman. In search of a pricey Petroff or Jofama, I stumbled across this gem. Same quality, perfect fit and actually affordable, compared to its vintage opponents. Red inners simply kill! I found the Maiden - Sanctuary pin on the internet. Just wanted to post this for all you guys out there hunting for a petroff. This is a great alternative that you won't regret!
The cassette is AC/DC - The Razors Edge, The keyholder is from an awesome leather brand called "Lewis Leathers" - the OGs when it comes to black and red leather

Not for sale or trade


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  • So many great bands.. Love Acid Witch / Blasphemy / Hirax / D.R.I.
  • awesome! They're probably to big but would love them
  • Thats an odd one, praying and looks like he is crying haha
  • Are they little pick axes or hammers on the states?
  • Heavily want
  • Aria, GISM, Sordide, Hexecutor ! Je ne peux qu'approuver !
  • It's a beauty !
  • Surrender of Divinty Patch Gone!!!
  • You don't like signed vinyls? But kutte is ok? To each their own. Nice photo of course!
  • At Bloodstock?
  • Cheers!
  • Looks amazing what a badass pair of jam shorts
  • Beautiful patch so epic
  • class, looking for the same. but can't quite make out the colour. is it white or light grey?
  • Looks nice, where did you get it?
  • Antonio - nope, just Nordic countries! Italy didn't get an event shirt this time around. Next one up is France!!
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