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Discharge Discharg Grave new world Denim Jacket

Jank's picture

Why grave new world?

Luci the Witchmurder's picture

cuz I love that album)

Jank's picture

That's barely a discharge album

Luci the Witchmurder's picture

Yeah It sounds like Mötley Crüe decided to record a punk album, but it sounds cool for me)

Jank's picture

Not even a punk record

Luci the Witchmurder's picture

Yeah I agree with u man, but I don't wanna be an elitist. They just changed a style on this album, and it sounds kinda interesting and unusual for me. If u are playing Hardcore/Crust stuff in 80-s, u should to have a big balls to start to play glam, so I don't think that it's a poser stuff. It wasn't a commercial move or something, they just started to play In a new style, and after that returned to the roots.

Jank's picture

I was actually a commercial move in away, their singer Colin was the only one who really wanted to play on that style, the rest of the band hated it, and I'm pretty sure Colin left the band afterwards, u might be wrong

Jank's picture

I might be wrong*

Orion_06's picture

killer bp! your diys rule man

Luci the Witchmurder's picture

Thank ya homie!

ManOboy's picture

Hell yeah. Real ones know the true masterpeice of GNW.

Luci the Witchmurder's picture


Jeffffff122's picture


Luci the Witchmurder's picture


Bucther's picture

Минимализм это круто! Я бы ещё одну на рукав нашил и параллельно васпу

Lord_Khan's picture

Where did you get the Parental Advisory button?
Jacket looks effin sick! VOIVOD!

a chicken's picture

Straight out the 80s! Fvck the haters, be proud of this jacket dude, awesome work🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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