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Burzum Black as night, black as coal.

An Overdose Of ...
Mon, 02/05/2022 - 15:14

This jacket was never meant to be some kind of trve kvlt jackassery.

It was largely the product of two miserable fucking days in October, in the middle of a substantial black metal binge. Four very shitty things had happened to me consecutively, and nothing helps the mind recover like hand cramps from drawing fucking twigs with WhiteOut pens. I’m doing better now.

This jacket is a tribute to that particular extreme close-up of my life; a testament that it can be, and has been, worse, but that’s the risk it takes.

This thing is also deeply personal because of the materials I used. The jacket itself is the first leather jacket I ever owned. The Wolfnacht patch, Burzum pin, and ankh are gifts from my husband, throughout various stages of our relationship. The Nifelheim pin was given by a friend during what may have the best trip I’ve ever taken. The gun charm (previously a necklace) has been gifted to me, stolen from me, and multiple ties between multiple people were severed before it was returned to me.

Uratsakidogi is there as a tongue-in-cheek lighter note and a nod to the cringier side: IYKYK. I’m not one to take things too seriously, even given this ranty back story.

All of this shit was free hand drawn by me, except for Wolfnacht.

Future plans:

A back patch. Probably Mavorim, maybe something else. I hate how Beherit came out.

A Pig Destroyer logo. The only outright non black metal band that will be on this jacket, but one worthy of being on it.

A logo of a specific artist I have not put on here yet. Maybe.

Like 2-3 more bands, tops.

[this is a reupload- original post didn’t show up on my profile and it drove me crazy]

Not for sale or trade
Burzum Black as night, black as coal.
Burzum Black as night, black as coal.
Burzum Black as night, black as coal.
Burzum Black as night, black as coal.
Burzum Black as night, black as coal.

Plague's picture

Sick paint!!

An Overdose Of Mkultra's picture

Thank you!

JohnHD's picture

\m/ \m/

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