Battle jacket update

Sun, 09/07/2017 - 08:55

So far it's almost complete just need a couple more

Not for sale or trade
Battle jacket update
Battle jacket update


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Nice jacket! \m/

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Looks great bro! Too many sweet patches and great bands.

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Thanks man haha

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Wicked update, That BP looks wicked!!!

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Thanks man

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  • Let me check if for sale
  • Can you tell my missus that? haha!
  • Cheers mate!
  • Is that Carcass shirt your'e wearing up for sale :)?
  • This one is awesome
  • What do you mean it has the dragon symbols??
  • Brilliant album!!! Good to see a few of the first print shirts still around?!!
  • Amazing long sleeve ! Always one of my favorites. I used to own one a couple years back but ended up getting rid of it d
  • I grabbed one of these when they toured, nice shirt with great sleeve print.
  • Another awesome shirt, you have some stunners in your collection.
  • First time seeing the longsleeve version, bloody unreal, looks in great nik for its age as well.
  • Dani always had some elaborate paint on his face and always reminded me of a geisha or some sort of Japanese character.
  • Just out of curiosity, why did you use Japanese letters to write "Cradle Of Filth"?
  • That’s so discouraging. I had no idea they were so rare. Been after it for at least three years
  • Love it's got the MIM copyright too. True Aussie stuff \m/
  • Killer, my kind of stuff! Thanks for the recommendation

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