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Bastard Noise Primary Denim

fauzan big's picture

Awesome!! Nice taste and nice layout

stevenICB's picture


Anarchothrasher's picture

Top Bands!!. Where did ya get the Sexdrome and Wolf's Eyes patches?

stevenICB's picture

The Sexdrome was hand stenciled, and the Wolf Eyes is official and was available from Third Man records around the time they released the Enemy Ladder 7" in 2015.

Anarchothrasher's picture

Thanks 4 the info! Will check out if Third Man has any stock left on those patches! Nice stencil on the Sexdrome one! Recently wrote a whole monographic about the New Way of Danish Fuck You scene, severely underrated!

stevenICB's picture

Interesting. Is this academic writing, or published somewhere online? I'd be interested in reading it if it's accessible somewhere.

Anarchothrasher's picture

it's just part of my fanzine! i wrote, in collaboration with a friend, about the essential bands, and sounds that define the whole movement. It's written in Spanish, but i can send you the link to the online publication.


scratched.stone's picture

Nice aesthetic. That Noothgrush patch is really cool.

stevenICB's picture

It is unusual, official too. Must have been printed on an old Star Wars bed sheet I think. There is another user here who has three of these.

Pattersonpunk82's picture

That Motorhead Aussie patch is tight 😉

stevenICB's picture

It is pretty nice hey. A little larger than I was expecting, but it fits well

milkyclay's picture

great look to this vest! love the placement and bands, the gero and abigal patches look great! and man that noothgrush patch is fantastic too, one of my faves ive seen. love all the handmade patches too!

stevenICB's picture

Thanks. It used to be almost entirely self-made patches, but there's only a few on here now.

David Jørgenvåg's picture

Nice Bmss patch!

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Recent Comments

  • they look great, specily love the jacket lol a bit pissed off, gwar are playing london next week and i'm bizzy , ma
  • gonna start it soon, just finisged this one for someone on here, i just after getting the jacket too large size
  • Thanks! There are some for sale on discog. I bought it there too.
  • love this
  • Great shirt!!
  • Indeed, this one quite rare and was very low output compare to the album cover art version back then. Cheers!
  • Oh man this is nice could i ask where you got it
  • Amazing shirt!
  • I see you have quite the eclectic taste in black metal. Anything dark and Evi you've been obsessing over lately?.
  • thanks!
  • Wish I would've bumped into you there!
  • Very few black metal albums can stack up to this record (La Sanie Des Siecles, Mocking The Philanthropist and Nachthymne
  • That's a juicy piece you have in your collection!
  • Killer!! really nice bands selection.
  • Beautiful... hoping to find this in the wild or through a distro one day.