Army Style Jacket

Sat, 11/11/2017 - 12:48

I needed a jacket for "everyday-use", as an outer layer for coulder days.
Decided to go with an M65-style (clone, to poor for brands) in plain black and pimp it by adding some patches and brass, because i like the style they create.
On the right sleeve there is a velcro patch to add one morale-patch of my choice (motivational to myself), the spartan or the viking. To all US-Metalheads: The "Molon labe" has no connection to gun-lobbyism in Germany /Europe, i think because private gun owning has never been a big topic here at all (civilists do not own guns usually, end of story for Germans :D)

Not for sale or trade
Army Style Jacket
Army Style Jacket
Army Style Jacket

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Recent Comments

  • And I can't have a Black Metal vest without a bit of Bathory merch. Thanks Nater!
  • Thanks for the flames Nater! Good album indeed!
  • Thanks for the flames Doc!
  • This is probably the coolest Christmas-themed shirt I've ever seen, great looking artwork
  • Some call it weird, some call it extraordinary. :)
  • Stunning!
  • Great longsleeve! Awesome.
  • Killer event shirt !!!
  • Thank you!
  • Would you trade this to my Morbid Angel tee?
  • not a big fan but i can see your point
  • I'm always gonna be giving cryptoriana full flames!!!
  • Actually it looks like they just got new ones in.
  • Nice album indeed :)
  • Such an incredible album. Looks epic on vinyl.
  • It is..managed to score it for only $10. I prefer their first but still love this one
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