Another Jacket

Sat, 10/03/2018 - 18:18

This looks like the typical leather but is in fact mainly cotton. When I saw this on discount at the brand, which usually makes sleeves long enough for me, I had to do something with it.
And here you can see what I did. First, all the buttons and studs were improvised by me. A little "punk-style" writing because this is somehow a life motto of mine (and sometimes I would like to scream it at peoples faces) but there is no patch with it that i would like.
And of course patches, I wanted this back patch for some time but needed the fitting project, the other patches somehow recruite from an era when I wasn't even alive myself, but when listening to the elders stories it sounds like a good time. And of course I truly like and appreciate every band here, luckily I was even gifted with the opportunity to see most of them live (all except Queen and Angel witch).

Hope you like it, and even if not I will not care too much ;)

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Another Jacket
Another Jacket
Another Jacket
Another Jacket
Another Jacket
Another Jacket


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