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What the...

Mon, 30/03/2015 - 21:30

I've had some weird stuff come out of record sleeves over the years, mainly receipts or personal notes. Heck, my copy of Queensryche's debut EP came with a set of pictures of the previous owner's wife if you catch my drift (lol John, the owner of the record store I got it from, called him to let him know haha so he got his stash before I did). But this may hands down be the weirdest thing that ever flew out of a record I got. An ID card of a Catholic schoolgirl from the 70s (seen below) flew out of, get ready, my copy of From Hell to the Unknown by Venom. I'm not making this up. I looked this girl up to see if she's online or on Facebook or something and there was no results. Really creepy. Would be a shame if she lived like an angel...and died like a devil.

cambotero's picture

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. that's a hell of a good story man!

Yoschi29's picture

Yeah, little bit of creepy because she looks devilish on the picture. But anyway, nice story.

Antonio's picture

Bizzarre and very, very funny...

DeathRipper's picture

That's really weird and awesome in so many ways.

Doomhammer's picture

crazy story for sure! maybe she married and changed her name?

gloriousdeath's picture

hhmmm the Acid Queen haha

joecubbie's picture

Possibly haha

bad_american1992's picture

Brutal! She was probably sacrificed by some Venomaniacs

Freese's picture

this would be the most presumable explaination.

Nater90's picture

Hahaha, That's fucking cool! Thanks for sharing.

joecubbie's picture

Definitely man! This was too weird not to share.

TheePhilosopher's picture

Hahaha cool!

NIGHTRIDER's picture

The secret life of metal nuns revealed
By the way - nuns usually do not have a FB page :)

ToxikAssault's picture

Haha, I hope that's for real because this is the greatest thing I've seen in a while.

PForx's picture

Hahaha, that's fuckin bizarre!

titoagogo's picture

Teacher's Pet!!!!

HMSolja's picture

Hahaha cool story!

Grishnackh97ITA's picture

very bizzarre! When i bought my copy of the first Maiden album in the market i found inside somenthing like a little dose of cocaine... i don't know what was... ahahahhaha

Queen Catsie's picture

I was looking through your actionshots just to see how many of the same bands you've seen, and holy fuck, that's in my hometown, rght near the high school I went to! What are the odds?

I could ask around if you still have it eight years later, it's a pretty small community.

joecubbie's picture

I think I might still have it in the sleeve of said Venom comp. I’ll check! That’s an insane coincidence though!

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