Suicide Silence T-Shirt

DoomCoreSun, 10/02/2019 - 22:42

The Shirt was part of the Pre Order bundle from Impericon for their Selftitled Album

Not for sale or trade

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  • Actually I bought it second hand and there's no print info on it so I'm not really sure where it came from or
  • maybe they wanted to check out the beach.
  • hahaah yep :)
  • not going to Watain. Not really my style. I think they will be putting on a killer show.
  • that would be interesting!!
  • fucking nice!!
  • I imagine that was wonderful when you heard the thunder of metal.
  • Hey!
  • That was really incredible the first song I heard from this album was ( Reckless ) That moment was really amazing I fe
  • dreams can come true man... :)
  • For sure. All they need is a Nater sex doll.
  • Awesome selection of bands , plus the FAA backpatch looks killer
  • Looks awesome but the game fuckin sucks.
  • Beautiful
  • Awesome! Where'd you get this?
  • vey very nice


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